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Be Relentless

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Christmas Offering

I am SO grateful to God that we have been able to not only provide Pastor A with the vehicle he has so badly needed, but also with a significant amount of money for urgent disaster relief! I have prayed a long time for God to provide both and He did through you in the Christmas offering!

I am excited that the message of Carenet will get a redo with a new website and we can help them with the printing cost of their Mother’s Day shirts to facilitate the creation of something people will want to wear year around. Thank you for your generosity!

Be Relentless in 2018

As I wrote this on New Year's Day, I anticipated going to the gym and I remembered how crowded it was last January!  

I resented the inconvenience of having to wait for people who were using the equipment I needed (and taking more time because they didn’t know how things worked). It seemed everyone was moving more slowly between exercises because people weren’t sure where to go next.

It was easy to tell who was there for the first time.

  • They didn’t know where they were going.
  • They didn’t know what they were doing.
  • They didn’t know how things worked.
  • Their clothes were brand new.

For the “regulars”, they disrupted the routines we had become accustomed to for the past year!

“Hurry up and quit!” was my feeling . . . until I compared the gym to the church.

THEN, I wanted to see them succeed with their goals!

THEN, I wanted them to BE RELENTLESS!!!

If this refers to you, please be as determined the second week as you were the first day. Start the second month as you did the first!

DECIDE your activities for the next day before you go to bed...rather than waiting to see how you feel in the morning!

OVERCOME the barriers to your success, one at a time!

Find something to CELEBRATE in the process before you experience the results!

Where you want to succeed, you want to be RELENTLESS!  

To accomplish anything worthwhile, you can expect opposition. Overcome opposition by being relentless in your pursuit!

Did you pick your “one word” yet?

Have you noticed that as we look at the Fruit of the Spirit each week in Your Best Year Yet, “relentless” fits nicely before each word?

Relentless love!

Relentless peace!

Relentless joy!

Relentless focus!

WHATEVER “word” you choose, be relentless in your pursuit!!!

Your Time and Place With God in 2018

If you need a new bible highlighter or want to read The Story Bible through this year, just stop by Connection Point and we have both for you while supplies last!

For 2018, my time and place with God will be reading through the bible in the Young’s Literal Translation (YLT). Each year I read through the bible, and I like to choose a different translation. The YLT is one that has usually been the closest to the Greek translation (whenever I used to translate it myself). The language is difficult to read, and I’m sure it will take me longer to read through, but I am already finding it rewarding!  

I am also reading through Psalms or Proverbs every other month. For the months that have 31 days, I am reading the chapter of Proverbs which corresponds to that day. So, I will read through that book six times this year.  

In the months with 30 days, I’ll read a Psalm chapter each day. Which means I will read through that book once through the course of the year.

I mentioned I would send you a template for Personal Growth Plans, this will be in next week's blog.



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