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Thank you!

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Last month, I wrote about the ministry challenges that our Strategic Partner (Pastor A) is facing in the Philippines. These challenges still remain with the rise of ISIS in the region, as well as the ongoing poverty and devastation of one natural disaster after another. In addition to the $800...

Worship Arts Candidate

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Worship Arts Candidate is visiting this weekend!  Jared McCormick will be here this weekend to lead us in worship at all four-weekend gatherings!  He has been the Creative Arts Director and Youth Worship Director since August 2015 at his hometown church. His wife Andrea will accompany...

Connections Pastor Update

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Connections Pastor Update Here is where we are in the process of hiring a Connections Pastor (as of June 14). Thank you, Laurel! 48 total resumes received; of those, 28 returned completed applications; of those 10 did not meet the minimum requirements, or were otherwise ineligible...

Staffing Updates

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There are many things I would want to do better if we were starting the church today.  A few years ago, I listened to a podcast of the 30th-anniversary celebration of Willow Creek Community Church, and it struck me with envy how they were a group of friends that just started doing church...

Strategic Partner Report

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I’d like to introduce our Strategic Partner Coordinator, Caitlin Waterbury!  This is a new position and Caitlin’s role is to facilitate the accomplishment of our Mission and Values through our Strategic Partners in the field. Caitlin’s main responsibility is to ensure...

Birthday #56

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For the past six weeks, we have looked at new definitions of “church”. For me, each week was a special encounter with God as He revealed His Church in a deeper way than I had even anticipated!   CHURCH IS   People Experiencing God Weak Becoming...