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Buy vs. Build

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

BUILDING UPDATE This week, I would like to share with you an important issue the elders have been wrestling with and devoting to prayer for wisdom. That is: what is the right decision regarding our next building? The first question regarding the expansion of our facilities, is “Do we buy...

The Power of Community

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The Power of Community As a kid, I would avoid asparagus at any cost! How any vegetable could be both gross and mushy, and feel like a mouthful of wood was beyond me! This wasn’t an experiment worth trying ever again! That was until I ate fresh asparagus (the kind that grew wild in Iowa...

2016 Christmas Offering

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Lori’s Place(click here to visit their website) We recognize Christmas as a celebration of Jesus coming to set captives free. (Luke 4:16-21) This year, we sought to find a way for our Christmas Offering to help do the same! We invited a representative of Lori’s Place to come to...

Upcoming Elder/Staff Off-site

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This Thursday, Jan. 20 and Friday, Jan. 21 is the annual Elder-Staff off site, and I’d like to take some time to share with you some background and insight into what we expect to accomplish this year and the barriers we may have to overcome. Growth Barriers: What many people don’t...

Just. One. Word

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Aren’t you grateful that God established seasons, like the start of a new year that gives us great opportunities for fresh starts and new beginnings?  How have you taken advantage of the new year?  Have you set any goals or made any resolutions? IF resolutions and goals...

Upcoming Events This Season

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Radical Church Series As I write this, I am encouraged by people's responses to the first two weeks of Radical Church! During my first ten years of ministry here, I was aware that people who came to TMCC wanted the straight, pure, clear truth, and as I can see now, God was calling me...