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Annual Planning Offsite

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


Each year, I am amazed at what God does with our efforts to teach people how to live out the bible!

It is essential that our teaching is to be biblical and Christ-centered, and that it brings the Good News of God to set us free from the effects of sin. So that we may, in turn, fight for the souls of others!

Each year, the process begins with a day spent offsite wrestling with the “big rocks” (series) that will form the teaching calendar for the next year.

Some would say, “Aren’t you overthinking it? Why not just trust God when you step up to speak?”

To that I say, “Since God can bless preparation as well as presentation, why not have as much of God’s blessing as possible?!?”

We start wrestling with the theme with both the staff and elders. This year’s theme is Relentless. Some series capitalize better than others, but we try to bring that focus throughout the year.

We then meet six other times during the year to flesh out the text, big ideas, and titles for each message before the series artwork and creative elements can be designed for each gathering.

Then the communications team meets to capture the heart of each series for the radio spots.  I don’t call them “ads” because what we are seeking to do is drop into people’s cars, homes, and places of employment with a blessing that can be enjoyed...whether or not that person ever comes to Thunder Mountain.

Some have told me they come to the first gathering on Saturday to get the most passion, and others feel that the refinement that comes with “practice” makes the best message.

As you’ve noticed, at each gathering we welcome those who are watching online, not because every message is live streamed, but because we never know which message will be the one uploaded to the website that week.

The process of preparing messages and planning gatherings never actually ends because we are constantly seeking God to lead in forming the next calendar, series, message, or moment that will create that life-changing encounter with the living God. This is our prayer for every gathering, every weekend,  every year!


Please pray for God to continue to bless the preparation and presentation of messages at Thunder Mountain because we believe that the best with God is always yet to come!


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