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Anatomy of the Easter Message

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

 What a great Easter celebration we had!

I have been touched by the heartfelt feedback on the impact of the message.  I am grateful that in this season of our church and at this time in my life, God is bringing the best out of me.

I wanted to give credit to, and share with you, the people that God used to help me put the Easter message together.

It was Justin’s encouragement to let go of our usual practice to begin a new series on Easter (which in the past was designed to give added incentive for people to return) so we could focus better on the resurrection.

My Assistant, Tessa, was passionate that the theme for the message should be about Jesus coming on a rescue mission.

Tessa’s husband, Jorge, suggested I take a look at the movie Hacksaw Ridge because of how it spoke to that theme.  I watched the movie with them and took extensive notes.

Justin rented the movie and made the video clips that were needed.

I met with Justin and Tessa in what I call “Group Phase” of message prep.  Justin has a gift in phrasing and Tessa is a great filter for communicating God’s message with clarity and simplicity!

Tessa successfully reworked my schedule so that I was able to do an actual run-through of the message on Thursday with her and Justin.  Believe me, on Thursday there was still A LOT of work to do, but both of them were a great help in trimming and gaining focus! Tessa told me the scripture that I had based the message on, and planned to use, would be confusing to the audience we expected on Easter.  I agreed with her, so we made the decision to change it.

THEN came the presentation! For the last run through on Saturday, I actually preached it to Tessa through FaceTime. She helped me get away from my notes with the frequent encouragement, “you know what you want to say, just say it. You don’t need to read it from your notes.”  I was able to stay away from my notes more than I ever have, and this made a big difference that I hope to maintain (with the exception of the 6:00 pm service on Saturdaywhen I lost my confidence at one point and went back to my notes).

So many people worked very hard to make Easter weekend great and I felt good to be able to do my part.  I shared this with you because I want to honor God by valuing the people He used to make the message among the best I have ever delivered!   

Our Sovereign God chooses to work through people, and our church is filled with hard-working and talented people who don’t see ministry as a “job.” They minister with joy because it is their passion and, as a result, the “product” can only be explained as “God!”


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