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Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Last week, Kim and I finally got to go to San Diego to hold our newest Grandbaby, Charlotte Anabel Plumb, who was born on September 12! She was Carissa and Zach’s first child and our fourth grandchild.


I asked the new parents, “Did you ever think that your parents loved you as much as you love your baby right now?” 

“No” was their reply.

I am amazed by how much babies witness to their creator! How amazing that something that was living inside her mother’s airtight womb suddenly transitioned to living on the outside by breathing air!

In a realm of variation and survival of the fittest, there are so many consistencies that aren’t “life and death” issues.

  • Why do mammals produce colostrum before the milk comes in? How does this substance, rich in antibodies, appear when the offspring needs it most, then it goes away and it is replaced by milk . . . all perfectly engineered for the well-being of the offspring?
  • Why, within the variation of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are they so consistently placed? If everything was truly random selection, they could pop up almost anywhere . . . but they don‘t!
  • Why is the ear mysteriously designed to collect sound and funnel it to the eardrum?

Would life not have occurred anyway without these little nuances that enhance life?

 Many people have said, “If I knew how fun grandchildren were, I would have had them first!” When someone made that comment to me, my reply was, “I wasn’t mature enough.” 

There was a couple riding the elevator to see their first grandchildren (twins). The husband was pushing his wife’s wheelchair.  He explained, “We waited a long time for this!” His point of view was that being a grandparent is great because “you can give them back!”

Yeah, there’s that too!

 The wisdom and perspective that only having lived a few years brings, is one of the reasons why Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, a neurologist and psychiatrist, as well as a veteran Little League Coach, recommended the idea that the ideal coaching staff includes a grandparent. He talks about this point in his book, "Life Lessons From Little League".

 I know I wish in many ways that I could have a “do-over", yet I have a greater appreciation for the grace of God!

Each stage of life has its struggles and its strengths, and it's sweet spots and it's shortcomings! That’s why we all benefit from coming to know, love, and serve Jesus! As the embodiment of the “Word” of God, who speaks perspective and wisdom that is outta this world!


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ken echols Sep 19, 2018 7:13pm

congrats Randy and Kim on the new addition to your family, its very nice to see, reading down this page and the one part that said "i wasnt mature enough yet", that struck me hard. God i wish and normally there isnt a day that has gone by that i wished id never took a drink of alcohol, that my parents would have at a very early age to bring me up in the way Jesus would want me brought up, i drank my youth away from the age of 15 till i was about 36 i think, threw my young life away, i never had kids and i think if my life would have been Jesus led, how awesome would it be to have kids and at my age now prob would have grand kids, now facing a future alone, it kinda scares me. but ive seen how you and Kim raised your daughters to love and follow Jesus, and look how awesome they are, taught them in ways that i wished my parents would have taught to me, im really happy for your wonderful family Randy and Kim, this isnt a woe-is-me statement, but just to say how important it is to bring a child up to love and follow Jesus, because now your children will pass on the values you put into them, into their kids and they too will pass it on. God bless you Randy.

Randy Youngblood Sep 26, 2018 5:06am

God bless you Ken! Thank you for the powerful words you shared! Despite the regrets and what coulda been's, Ephesians 2:10 is still true about you! I love you!