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Casa Esperanza - What it is and how you can get involved

Posted by Caitlin Ebbing on

            Some of you may not know exactly what Casa Esperanza is, but may have heard about it at church in the past. Well, Casa Esperanza Para Niños, meaning “house of hope for children”, is an amazing organization outside of Hermosillo, Mexico that houses over 30 children who have been labeled as orphans because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment from their biological parents. Casa is a place where these children anywhere from a few months old all the way until adulthood can live together with other children in a family environment. They emphasize the importance of maintaining as much of a normal home-structure as possible, with designated house parents in each of the three homes. The kids eat meals with their Casa families, are assigned shores, go to school and church with their Casa families, and are learning skills to make them more successful adults. While some transition out of Casa before adulthood and are available for adoption, others are raised their entire childhood with these families. If you would like to find out more, check out the Casa website, here.

 Now, you may be wondering how you can learn more or get involved in the mission they provide. Well, one great way to have an impact in the lives of these children and Casa Esperanza as a whole is through child sponsorship. It costs about $280 per month to care for each child in this way. We are so excited that most kids are already receiving at least partial sponsorship, but our goal is to have a full sponsorship for each child so they can have the best care possible. We have heard from numerous child sponsors over the years and many have expressed what a blessing to them it has been! While simply writing a check every month may be easy for some, we really encourage regular interaction and communication with the child being sponsored. This way, they know that someone in the States (or wherever you might be) is praying for them regularly. Communication with the child is a great way to pour into them in a way that is more than just money, but also spiritually and emotionally. Every time a child receives a letter, email, gift, or photo from sponsors on the outside, their faces light up and are eager to engage. If you would like more information about becoming a sponsor of a child, please email one of the Casa Sponsor Recruiters, Dawn Tuthill at .

 Another great opportunity for you to get involved in a hands-on way is by taking a trip to Casa. Hermosillo is only a five-hour drive from Sierra Vista, so Casa Support Team members take trips down nearly once a month. The next trip open to all is the Easter Celebration from Friday, April 12th through Sunday, April 14th. We understand that most people work during the week, and so does the team that supports Casa! We have made trip as easy as possible for people who are interested in visiting either for the first time or for their twentieth. To review the Application, please click here. Applications are due by March 29th to reserve your spot. Please complete the application and turn in to the Casa Support Team Director, Elsa Weiss, at .

 If you would like to get regular updates about what is going on with Casa and the support team, please email the Casa Support Team Communication Coordinator, Janet Paladini, at . We also are hoping to increase on the Casa Support Team facebook group, here. Please check in out, join the group, and we would love to hear from you about your heart for Casa.




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