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2020 Update from Rachel Chapman

Posted by Caitlin Ebbing on

A new year and new Decade invites past reflection and future plans for many of our Strategic Partners abroad. Rachel Chapman, who is part of a Native ministry in Las Moras, Mexico with Ethnos 360, shares her update with supporters:

"It’s a new year and a new decade!  It’s a great time to look backwards and reflect on what God has done this past year and this past decade.  The end of 2019 marked 10 years since I first visited Las Moras!   

In that time, there have been many difficulties: losing co-workers, failing to dig a well, struggling to learn language, hardships of living remotely without amenities in another culture, spiritual attacks against us and the Nahuatl believers, and seeing great physical & spiritual need.

BUT, praise God, He has done amazing things and there have been great joys as well!  We got more coworkers, we learned the language, many Nahuatl can now read their language, God established His church in Las Moras, the believers are growing in their faith, most of the believers were baptized this summer, and they have access to about 9% of the OT and 17% of the NT in their language!!

When I consider all that GOD has done in Las Moras, I praise Him for His marvelous works and pray that He would continue to be glorified in Las Moras and beyond!

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
Psalm 126:3

These past few months have been wonderful spending time with family, friends, ministry partners, small groups, and a Christian school, sharing what God is doing in Mexico.  I look forward to being able to see even more of y’all in the upcoming months.

Very soon I’ll be returning to Las Moras to help out with a dental clinic immediately followed by a visit from my translation consultant for a face-to-face check on all the recent Scriptures we’ve translated. 

Then, Lord-willing, in March I’ll be traveling to visit ministry partners in Arizona.  In April, I’ll visit y’all in the Midwest and the East Coast.  And in May, I have plans to visit my church where I grew up in Panama.

Please pray with us: Katie and I are on Home Assignment, and our coworkers Pete & Liesl Hypki are in Las Moras with our new coworkers, Jordan & Amy Husband who are building their house. Please pray for our team, for unity and love for one another despite the distance.

Please pray with me: For the logistics of the upcoming trips to visit ministry partners.  And, for the final Scripture check this month - that God's Word would be clear, accurate, and natural for the Nahuatl people.

Thank you for partnering with me to see God glorified among the people of Las Moras!"

Rachel will be visiting us at Thunder Mountain Church the weekend of March 14th & 15th. We hope you can be present to take the opportunity to chat with her about their ministry in Mexico.

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