Lori's Place


The mission of Cochise Family Advocacy Center, Inc. (Lori's Place) is to compassionately support and promote the wellbeing of children and adult victims through comprehensive services in a neutral, friendly environment.

Lori's Place is Designed to:

  • Reduce trauma to children and adults by decreasing repeated interviewing by multiple persons.
  • Combine the wisdom and professional knowledge of the department of child safety, law enforcement, prosecutors, medical providers, counselors, and victim advocates resulting in a more complete understanding of case issues and provide the most effective response possible.
  • Increase caretaker knowledge of community resources.
  • Enhance the ability of a parent/caretaker to care for a child or dependent adult of trauma.
  • Prevent further victim abuse through victim safety education and by removing perpetrators from the community through prosecution.

Lori's Place Website

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