The Bible instructs us to love our neighbors (Matthew 12:31), and to share the love of Jesus everywhere (Matthew 28:19). At Thunder Mountain we do this in large part through our outreach efforts, accomplished in three ways: through strategic partnerships, seasonal ministries, and local projects. 

Local Outreach Opportunities 


Prison Fellowship is a Christian Ministry that partners with the Douglas Prisons and sees positive change in the lives of inmates through weekend workshops and a written pen-pal program.
Labor Projects are one way Thunder Mountain meets the needs of our community.
Seasonal Ministries and special events often address the needs of our community and the world.

Strategic Partnerships

We want to do more than send money to the causes we support.  We want to develop meaningful relationships with the critical ministries in our local and global communities.  When these community ministries hurt, we want to feel it. When they win, we want to celebrate with them. Learn more about all of our Strategic Partnerships by clicking the button below.