Children's Ministry

We strive to reach families by providing a safe environment where children enjoy coming to know, love, and serve Jesus!




When you arrive at Thunder Mountain Church, you will need to take your children to the main lobby where the check-in stations are located. Here you will find our safety team who will register your children and check them into the service.  You will receive two name tags per child. One is for your child to wear, and the other one is for you to keep and use when picking up your child. Every child can be checked in, at the earliest, 15 minutes prior to service time. 

Age Groups

Each child is assigned to a room based on their age/grade. We have our classrooms broken down in the following way:

Preschool (3-5-year-olds)
2nd & 3rd-grade
Preteen group (4th-6th grade)


What is Orange?

Orange is a strategy for combining critical influences in life to fuel faith in the next generation.

Orange is a path, a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the brilliance of another, Orange. By combining the critical influences of the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red), the Orange strategy synchronizes efforts and shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone.

Orange is a comprehensive plan. Imagine every leader and every parent in your church with exactly the same strategy in mind for reaching the end goal.

Starting with wonder, Orange helps preschoolers embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination, then adds discovery so children can understand how to grow in their relationship with God. Finally, Orange fuels passion by giving students opportunities to be the church and to make a difference influencing their generation.


Our team monitors the hallways and there will always be two leaders present during our bathroom breaks. We also have adult leaders who are CPR certified at each service. Our safety team has access to a first aid kit that will assist in many injury scenarios. We do not allow any children to pick up other children. If you happen to lose your tag and we do not know you, we will ask for identification. Every child is to be picked up where they are dropped off unless a leader gives them other instructions.

Special Needs

Currently, within our children's ministry, we allow families to indicate whether or not their child(ren) should be accommodated based on their needs.  Our registration forms, as well as our own accommodation forms, help us better assist children with any special needs.  If your child has any accommodations, please let us know.  We are happy to adjust what we do so your child can have a great experience during small groups!