Building Fund


What the Building Fund is Preparing Us For:

Enjoy this fly-through video for the new campus that is being designed to create more space for people to connect, God to move, and lives to be forever changed!

We are part of a church that was started because people were aware of a need for a genuine Christian community where people could experience the joy of being equipped and entrusted with significant ministry and be encouraged to become everything God created them to be!  We also realized we want to be a place that always has room for more people and is presenting the unchanging Word of God in ways that the current generation can understand and embrace!

Rather than concluding “We’ve arrived” because we have a building that feels full on Sundays, we seek God to grow us into our full potential as a congregation, believing that anything less would be sinning (missing the mark).  With the opening of the first building, our attendance literally doubled and then it nearly doubled again! With the large influx of people, we prayed earnestly “Increase our capacity to grow people!”   Now we must initiate steps to build again because our facilities are preventing us from becoming the church God is calling us to become!  We must build, and we must do it right!

By giving to the Building Fund, pre-build expenses can be paid (i.e. keep architect and contractor working, eventually connect to city sewer so we can build on our own land) and the amount we have to borrow will be reduced. We encourage you to prayerfully consider giving to the Building Fund and help us prepare for our new building! 

Give to the Building Fund