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Easter Offering-Peach's Pantry 

Final Offering Numbers:

  • Easter Offering = $3,892 (!)
  • TMCC gift ($1 for every Easter attendee) = $1087
  • TMCC gift ($5 for every Connection Card) = $185
  • TOTAL GIFT TO PEACH'S PANTRY = $5,164 (That translates to almost 8 weeks of food bags for food insecure children in our local schools!)

We had 1,087 people in attendance over the 6 services Easter Weekend (including Good Friday)! We collected 24 Connection Cards and 13 I Have Decided Cards!

We know that we will make a significant impact with Peach’s Pantry. Our giving will help feed children in our community who might not have had food for the weekend.

Thank you for your generosity! Our staff will be hand-delivering a check to Peach's Pantry on May 2nd! 

Status on 2016 Easter Offering!

Our offering for Easter of 2016 was to help us fund bringing the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) to up three new locations. We had hoped one of those locations might be Douglas Prison in Douglas, AZ. While we continue to build relationships there so we can make this a reality in the future, we have not yet been able to obtain permission to launch a GLS event there.

In the meantime, we learned the prison in Kingman, AZ had received permission to launch a GLS event there, but was short on necessary funds to make it happen. We are so grateful - and pleased to announce -because of your generosity with the 2016 Easter offering, we have been able to supplement what they needed with a gift of $1586.52!  Inmates, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in such a rich, transformational leadership event will now be able to participate this year!

This is something to celebrate!  And, it is all because of you! Thank you for your tremendous generosity and desire to see others experience life-changing encounters with the Living God!

Other Ways to Give

Looking for other ways you may join and support the mission of TMCC?  TMCC’s Food Pantry is available to church attendees and those in need in our own community. You may bring your non-perishable food item donations to the church’s Ministry Support Center (office) during normal business hours (9am-3pm) Monday through Thursday, or you may leave them at the Food Pantry collection box available in the church foyer during our regular weekend gatherings.  For more information about TMCC's Food Pantry ministry, click here.

Retrieving Your Giving Statements

Would you like more immediate access to your giving information, including your quarterly and end-of-year statements? If so, you can create a profile and log into your giving records HERE

Please note that all of your information provided is held on a secure network. 

For a brief "how to" tutorial, watch the video HERE.

If the video will not load for you, here are the steps to login to InFellowship:

  1. Click the Button above.
  2. Register for an account if you don't have one.
  3. Confirm registration through the email you used to register.
  4. Sign in.
  5. Click on "Your Giving;" the last option on that first page.
  6. Change the contribution year to "2016" and click "View." 
  7. All of your giving for that year will be displayed.
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  9. Once logged in, you may also update or add other profile information, as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you have envelopes available for me to mail in my tithe or offering?
A:  Yes! If you would like for us to mail you a supply of envelopes for your tithe contributions, please send your name, address and specific request to A supply of envelopes is also available in the seat backs in the church sanctuary and at Connection
Point in our church foyer.

Q: Where do I mail my donations?
A:  Please make your checks payable to Thunder Mountain Community Church and mail them to:

Thunder Mountain Community Church
4300 E. Golden Acres Dr.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650

Please also note on your check if the donation is designated for anything specific (such as for a specific building campaign or for outreach, for example).

Q:  Can I make a one-time donation or a donation without setting up an account?
A:  Yes! Simply follow the instructions on the TMCC giving page for your one-time donation. It’s easy and fast!

Q:  Can I set up recurring donations?
A:  Yes! As a matter of fact, we encourage you to “automate the important”!  Simply click on the "Give Here" button above, and follow the instructions there to set up a recurring gift - easily, safely and securely!

Q:  Can I update the frequency or amount of my donation?
A:  Yes! You may update the frequency or amount of your donation at any time by logging into your account and making the appropriate changes there.

Q:  Can I use a credit or debit card?
A:  Yes!  You may use either a credit or debit card for making your donations! (We believe it is God’s desire for people to be free from the bondage of debt as much as is possible.  While we greatly appreciate your gift, if you do choose to use a credit card for your donation[s], we strongly encourage you to do your very best to pay off your credit card balance each month!)

Q:  When will my donation be charged to my bank accounts?
A:  Typically, your online donations will be charged to your bank account the same day on which you make the gift – or on whichever day you specifically select for the gift to occur. If donating by text-to-give, your donation will be charged to your account the same day. Unlike online giving, text-to-give does not allow an option for scheduling a specific payment date.

Q:  What if I change banks?
A:  You may update your account information by going to, clicking the “Give Online” button and following the prompts there to log in and update your giving information. 

Q:  Will my contributions be reflected in my annual giving statement?
A:  Yes! Whatever gifts we receive online or that are post-marked before midnight on the last day of each quarter and end-of-year will be reflected in your quarterly and annual statements.  We strive to have statements available online by the last day of the month following the close of the quarter and through regular mail at end-of-year.

Q:  What if I need help?
A:  If you need help with making your gift to TMCC, please contact us by calling our Accountant during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday at 520-459-8622, or by sending us an email to 

Q:  Do I pay additional fees to give online?
A:  No! TMCC does not charge or collect any fees for your online gift.

Q:  Are my online gifts secure?
A:  Yes! Your gifts and banking information are safe! Our online giving merchant services provider link is certified secure!