Connect Groups

Why Connect? 

We believe that we are designed for community, to have intentional relationships with people interested in heading in the same direction together. We want to follow Jesus while experiencing life with others who are doing the same. Connect Groups are small groups of individuals who want to meet together for a season (roughly 12 weeks), gathering in homes and building relationships with each other. Many groups will do some form of a Bible study, or have intentional spiritual conversations based on the previous weeks sermon,

Want to Lead a Group?

Here at TMC we want to grow people, and we believe one of the best ways for you to grow is to lead a Connect Group. You'll be equipped with a coach and a support system, and we'll cheer you on as you learn what it looks like to help shepherd a small group of people over a 12 week season. To make sure we're all headed in the same direction, we do ask that our CG leaders are Ministry Partners with us at TMC. To become a Ministry Partner, watch the Engage Video and fill out the Ministry Partner Covenant.

Find out more at our Connet Group Leader Interest Event on Wednesday, January 27th at 6:00PM.

If you are interested or have any questions,  email   


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