Connect Group Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a Connect group?

The purpose of Connect groups is to provide a space where everyone who comes to TMCC can connect in a face­-to-­face environment to grow spiritually and care for one another. While our weekend worship experience is important, it is difficult to build friendships in that shoulder­-to­-shoulder environment. Being in a Connect group gives you the opportunity to build those caring friendships and be challenged to grow spiritually.

How do I get connected to a Connect group?

The easiest way to connect to a Connect group is through . This allows you to explore the different groups available and sign up for a specific group. You can do this at home or visit Connection Point in the lobby on the weekend. Another way to connect to a Connect group is to check the box saying, “I want more information about Connect groups” on a Connection Card. These are located in the back of the seats in the auditorium. Turn it in either in the boxes at the back of the auditorium or at Connection Point.

Where do Connect groups gather?

Connect groups gather in group member’s homes throughout the community. Some groups gather at the same home consistently while other groups rotate between homes. There is no obligation to open your home to hosting, though it can be an important step in building friendships.

How often do Connect groups gather?

Groups gather at least twice a month and often weekly. Many groups take breaks or gather less often during the summer and holiday seasons.

Are all Connect groups the same?

Every Connect group is different. Some groups will be gender­-specific, others will be co­-ed. Some groups may lean toward a certain age demographic and others may be mixed. Some groups may be comprised of people with similar interests. Check out the group’s description when signing up for a group online to get a feel for what it’s like.

 What about childcare?

Groups handle childcare in a variety of ways. This is group­-specific and will vary. Here are a few of the ways childcare is handled:

  • Group members hire a babysitter together.
  • Group members rotate individually watching the children.
  • Teams of group members supervise the kids in shifts on same night.

What normally happens at a group gathering?

Groups generally start with a time of conversation (often over a meal or snack/desert), move to about an hour focusing on the study, and end with a time of prayer. Gatherings last typically no more than 2 hours.

What do Connect groups study?

The Bible is the foundation of what Connect groups study. Groups will go through a topical study, a book of the Bible, engage in Discovery Bible Storying, or have a sermon­-based discussion. Group members are responsible for the purchase of any curriculum materials that may be necessary.

What if the group I visit isn't a good fit?

It’s important for you to feel comfortable with your group. First, we encourage you to allow enough time (4­6 weeks) before making a decision concerning fit. But if you don’t feel your group is a good fit for you after that time you have a couple of options. Option #1, since each Connect season only lasts about 10­-12 weeks, you could remain in that group for the duration of the current season and join a new group at the start of the next Connect season. That’s the beauty of the multiple seasons; they facilitate numerous entry and exit points. Option #2, you could look to make a switch to another group mid­ Connect season. If you have a friend in another group, go there. Otherwise, check the group sign­-up page at, pick another group that sounds like it would be a good fit, and check it out to see if it is.

Can I form a group?

Connector Training is open for anyone interested in forming a group to attend. You will be given the opportunity to commit to leading a Connect group at the end of training after an interview with the Connect Director.