The Casa Team

Caitlin Ebbing: Outreach Coordinator
Elsa Weiss: Mission Director
Jeff Estes: Volunteer Coordinator 
Janet Paladini: Communication Coordinator
Rob Gallucci: Promotion Manager
Joe Gramke: Donation Coordinator
Ray Weiss: Van Coordinator
vacant: Construction and Maintenance Coordinator

If you would like to become more familiar with our role in helping Casa, please take a look at our Casa Esperanza New Comers Orientation brief by clicking HERE.

For more information on Casa and for updates on our trips, please visit our Casa Facebook page by clicking HERE.

House of Hope for Children, founded in 1999, is a non-profit public charity whose purpose is to provide an atmosphere that will protect, feed, nurture, educate and love children who would not otherwise have a stable environment for development in Hermosillo, Mexico.  Their goal is to empower each individual for a future of health, spiritual wholeness and excellence.

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