Bethlehem Church

About Bethlehem Church and Orphanage

Pastor Satyanarayana pastors a small Church in India alongside his wife and daughters through a global organization called Advancing Native Missions.  His work includes providing lunches for school-children during the day and meals for widows in the area. He also travels for an annual evangelism ministry where he facilities native individuals who come to Christ! Pastor Satyam (as well call him) has goals to expand his ministry in order to reach more natives in his area. Join us in praying for his family and his ministry.  

Current needs

As Pastor Satyam is currently in need of a motor bike in order to travel locally that Thunder Mountain Church would like to pay for. 

Future plans for expansion include the need for finances and support. Please pray for provision and for increased awareness for this ministry partner.

Getting involved

  • Prayer: God's Word teaches us of the power of prayer. Let us know if you would like to join in regular prayer and receive updates for this strategic partner.
  • Financial support: If your would like to bless this ministry with a financial gift, either recurring or one time, we would be happy to facilitate.
  • Outreach Team development: Our Outreach Department is continually seeking individuals with a heart for missions to expand our internal teams. This can be done through fundraising, future trip planning, and regular communication with our partners.