Beth Fuller

About our partner in the Oceania area

Beth Fuller works as the Scripture Use coordinator for nine languages in Wycliffe's Aitape West Translation Project - helping people to learn how to use the scriptures so God’s Word can change their lives.  So she does things like:

  • Arrange for people to record the Scriptures that have been translated

  • Help edit those audio files to get them ready to distribute

  • Get audio players and get the recordings onto the players so people can hear God’s Word

  • Produce the Jesus Story DVD – like the Jesus film but slightly shorter - for 8 languages

  • Teach TEE classes (Theological Education by Extension) to translators and some local people

Getting involved

You can support Beth and the team she works with by:

  • Praying for them

  • Keeping up with them through one of her partner’s blogs HERE.

  • Donating directly to the Aitape West Translation Project through Wycliffe's website (click the button below).



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