Who We Are


Thunder Mountain Axioms

1.   Everyone has a past and a next step.  
2.  The most important thing we will do today is pray!
3.  Everyone called here is called to be a minister.  
4. “There is no limit to what can be accomplished if we don’t care who gets the credit.”
5.  We choose the humble path.
6.  We have a culture of “affirm and improve.”
7.  We seek to grow a spirit of generosity in all people.  
8.  We speak the truth in love for the benefit of the other person.   
9.  We will learn to feed ourselves.  
10. We are people who do the bible not just know it.
11.  Our gatherings are opportunities for life-changing encounters with the Living God.
12.  We love kids and the noises they make.
13.  It’s okay to stain the carpets.  
14.  We will do what's right at any cost.
15.  We choose to trust God, period.
16.  The next person through the door belongs as much as anyone else!
17.  We will be ever-growing and ever-reaching this generation for Christ.