What to Expect

Weekend Worship Gathering Times:

Sundays 9:00 & 10:30 AM

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are face coverings required?
  • Face coverings are optional in the main auditorium and outside. There is also a mask-only room available at the 9:00 gathering with more space between rows.
Where do I park?
  • You may park in any of the available parking around the facilities. We also have a special, designated section for first-time guests.  It is located immediately to the right as you pull into the church driveway.
What is the dress code?
  • We don't have a specific dress code, but most people dress casually.  Please wear what feels comfortable to you.
Do you take communion, and am I expected to participate?
  • We take communion at every worship gathering on the weekends. If you are already a believer, we encourage you to join us in this practice. If not, it's okay to refuse it and sit quietly while others partake.
What's the music like?
  • We have a full worship band and praise team. We encourage standing during worship, but it is not a requirement. We want to create a reverent, yet joyful environment where you have the freedom to worship God by singing, clapping, raising your hands, or just sitting quietly and taking it all in. Do what's most comfortable for you.
Can I bring my coffee into the auditorium?
  • Yes! You can bring coffee and food into the auditorium! We care more about your comfort than our carpet!
Do I need to bring a Bible?
  • You are certainly welcome to bring a bible if you would like, but we will also project sermon scripture references on the video screen.  If you don't have a bible, we would love to give you one for at-home reading. Just visit Connection Point after the message to pick one up!
Where do my kids go?
  • We do need you to sign in your children if you would like to put them in our Children's Ministry so that you can enjoy the message. However, if your kids want to stay with you, they are more than welcome to do that. For your peace of mind, if you do leave your child in our Children's Ministry and they need you, we have a texting system to alert you if you are needed.

We would love to see you soon!